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Iron Chef Louie IronChef Louie Information:  Join Boston’s in-the-know twenty and thirty something’s as they sample the online-the-fly cooking wizardry of Iron Chef Louie (a.k.a. Louis DiBiccari). It’s a new and innovative twist to the dinner party theme and trust us, a party it is. About twice a month Louie and his team pick a new Boston club or restaurant to host an ICL night. Guests descend upon the venue like ravenous locusts and somehow nobody gets hurt. We promise an evening with Iron Chef Louie is like no other...  

Iron Chef Louie

Iron Chef Louie

Iron Chef Louie

CLICK HERE FOR THE Chef's Latest Appearance!

CLICK HERE FOR THE Chef's Latest Appearance!


What happens at ICL Night?

Join Boston’s in-the-know twenty and thirty something’s as they sample the online-the-fly cooking wizardry of Iron Chef Louie (a.k.a. Louis DiBiccari). It’s a new and innovative twist to the dinner party theme and trust us, a party it is. About twice a month Louie and his team pick a new Boston club or restaurant to host an ICL night. Guests descend upon the venue like ravenous locusts and somehow nobody gets hurt.

If you are looking for a place to sit down for a peaceful dinner with your friends, then this is probably not the event for you. You’d be better off going to a restaurant. But if you want to meet a ton of new Bostonians, enjoy some cocktails and eat delicious and adventurous food while interacting, then we’re the perfect event for you. We promise an evening with Iron Chef Louie is like no other. Each event takes on it’s own charm and persona. To be honest, we can’t really tell you exactly what’s going to happen because we don’t what’s going to happen until it happens. Every night is unique and different. But the general schedule goes a little something like this:

Before the Event:

The event date and location are announced on our website: and members of the ICL mailing list are sent an email invitation. “Cheffers” visit the website to RSVP and vote online for their favorite dinner themes and ingredients. These votes are tallied by the Florida State Governor’s office, recounted twice and then airmailed to Louie in a hermetically sealed envelope. Carefully checking for Anthrax, Louie opens the envelope and discovers the winning ingredients (and then he usually begins to cry). At this point Louie and his team of talented chefs rush off to the grocery store and start shopping. The clock is ticking and they have 300 hungry mouths to feed.

7:00pm: Doors Open

The Venue doors open at 7pm. This begins the cocktail & mixer portion of our evening. If you’re friendly, you’ll meet a ton of new people at an Iron Chef Louie night. If you sit in a corner, you probably won’t meet anyone. Some people come straight from work. Others go home first, put on their hot pants and grab their dancing shoes. Your admission fee is collected at the door. At that time you are given an ICL meal ticket and Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka drink ticket. The complimentary Ciroc cocktail is valid until 8:30pm.

8:00pm: Passed Appetizers

Around 8pm Louie and his staff start to appear on the floor. They will walk around the venue passing out tasty appetizers. Appetizers have ranged from “Fried Plantains with Guacamole-coconut milk fondue”, “Seared teriyaki beef sticks with Asian pears” and the crowd favorite, “Ian’s dirty (rice) balls”. This gives you just enough to nibble on to hold you over to dinner.

8:45pm: Louie’s Speech

By this time Louie is usually ripping out the little hair he has left on his head. Dropping everything, Louie grabs the microphone, welcomes the crowd, reveals the winning votes and explains the meal he has created. He usually throws in a few jokes that aren’t really funny. Sometimes he talks about clubbing baby seals, but he doesn’t really mean it.

9:00pm Dinner Is Served

Dinner is served via buffet, numerous food stations or family style depending on the venue, available seating and cuisine. As we mentioned, we don’t find out how it works until we get there. Regardless we do our best to provide everyone food as quickly as possible so that you may enjoy Louie’s creation.

10:00pm: Kick’n It On The Dance Floor With Louie

At this point you’re pleasantly content. Your stomach is full, your taste buds exhausted, you’ve had a few drinks and you’re ready to get your groove on. That guy or girl over in the corner is looking a little cuter than he or she did at 7pm. Or perhaps it’s girls’ night out, so you grab your friends and hit the dance floor like a Mike Tyson punch. Either way, this is when the party gets going. We usually have a great DJ or live band to keep you entertained until the club kicks us out.

By this time you get to party WITH Iron Chef Louie and his staff. After they’re done working, they’ll come out and have a few drinks with you. Louie and the ICL staff are always available for questions and comments (so long as you don’t say anything negative about his food). Just kidding. We truly want to make it an interactive evening and we always appreciate feedback from you, our loyal guests. We can’t even begin to tell you how many new friends and acquaintances we’ve made over the last two years.

So Why Do This?

Well to be honest, two years ago a bunch of friends were sitting around thinking about how cold the social scene in Boston can be at times. Granted we’ve all been there. You’re at a bar, someone’s hitting on you and you’re just not feeling it. That happens everywhere, but in Boston, sometimes it feels like I you need an ice scraper to introduce yourself and start-up a conversation with a total stranger. You often get that, “Do I know you?” blank stare in response. But we are an overly friendly (and sometimes obnoxious) group so we just kept talking to random people and invited them and their friends back to our apartment for dinner parties. What started off as a few people in our apartment has now grown into 400 people partying at Boston’s hottest nightclubs.

But trust us, we haven’t forgotten our roots. ICL nights are about food, friends and good times. ICL nights are about being adventurous. You’re probably going to try something you’ve never eaten before. You also might find yourself networking and making contacts with tons of successful strangers in the city. Or you may just come because you enjoy great food and you like to shake your tail feather. Either way, It’s up to you. But we’ll admit, you’ll have to work pretty hard to not meet any new people.

Feedback & Comments:

We always love to hear from our guests. Please feel free to email us at: to let us know what you like and don’t like about the event. Or give us some feedback on how you think we can make it better. Have a favorite venue? Let us know about it and we’ll see if we can get Iron Chef Louie into it.

The History of Iron Chef Louie: (A Message From Louie)

In a community just outside Boston, within the sacred halls of a place called "Brookhawk". In a kitchen equipped with nothing, Iron Chef Night was born. Its story is worth telling, I just wish I could remember it.

The idea was simple and random and even a little spontaneous. I guess we were just hungry. One night we made spaghetti and meatballs, then pizza, calzones, next thing you know we have a web site and a small cult following. Such is life. As the weeks past and our food frenzied weekly religion grew redundant and tedious, we looked to the networks for guidance. What we discovered has changed our lives... not really for the better.

As our Monday night pasta fest evolved and popularity grew a concept became a necessity. A theme was born. Since our inaugural season our concept has reached as far as Japan, where Iron Chef is commonplace. Eventually the T.V. Food Network got in on the action by airing a program similar to our concept but with chefs competing against each other. Their program is very popular and everyone associated with it is making tons of money... how nice for them.

As the saying goes, "you are what you eat ". Therefore, on any given week we could be a fine mix of chicken, potatoes, feta cheese, chocolate, and fiddlehead ferns. We're fine with this reality, we are also chemically imbalanced and, perhaps, a little insane. Just the same, we put on a good show.

The rules are simple. Our guests (that’s you and your entourage) vote on a carefully and strategically organized list of themes and ingredients. The commissioner tallies the votes and the winning choices are revealed to the iron chef just hours before go time on Thursdays. Guests are rewarded with edible food, an atmosphere littered with tomfoolery, and a melting pot of some of Boston’s finest personalities. What started with 10 people in our apartment has grown into something tremendous. You don’t want to miss out on this crazy concept we have. People love it. I’m still not sure why…

Advertise with ICL:

Hey Boston Advertisers!!! Trying to reach that 20-35 year old young urban professional crowd. Well we've got 'em. They're eating and drinking with us twice a month. What a great opportunity to advertise your establishment or product to this coveted demographic. Contact ICL promotions for more details on sponsorship packages that include web, print, email and onsite placements. The more creative you are, the more we want to associate your name with our parties. Go ahead, we dare you! Email us at:

Host ICL at your club or restaurant:

Could you use an extra 300 hundred people at your establishment on a Thursday night between the hours of 7pm and 10pm? Are you staring at the back room wondering how much extra rent you're paying? Well then give us a call. It's a simple equation. You host a private party. We'll bring the chef and Boston's finest patrons. You make money-selling beer and liquor. Every body wins. Contact us at



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